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Welcome to my page, I am a professional fashion and portrait photographer with over 25 years experience in the industry, I want to bring out something special in my clients and capture them in imaginative and beautiful ways. being a photographer is a huge privilege and a great responsibility because particularly when working with actors and models your work has great significance for their careers and their image needs to say something about them. I want to create an atmosphere on my shoots that frees my subject from stress and self awareness so they may express themselves and importantly enjoy their experience, I also like to help them with posing and advise they or if a minor their parents regards good practices that may assist them going forward. With regards to my professionalism I have full and comprehensive public liability insurance with Hiscox of London because the safety of my clients some of whom are celebrities is very important. I love what I do and I will endeavour to produce images that will please and inspire you, Thank you for visiting my website I hope I get to meet and work with you very soon.          

                            Tim Ladd

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